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The Greater Greenville Rose Society

During the Spring of 1973 an organizational meeting was held & another new rose society was born.  This time it was The Greater Greenville Rose Society with charter officers listed ...

President:   Aubrey C. Shives
1st Vice President:   Arthur Cottingham
2nd Vice President:   Mrs. C.J. Peterson
Secretary-Treasurer:   Mrs. J.M. Farry
Board of Directors:  Charlie Bell, Ed Ellis, &  Helen Pickler    

Additional Resources
    Contact the American Rose Society...318-938-5402

The Shaw Rose Garden - located on East Camperdown Way - Off South Church Street.... drop by during the growing season and enjoy the roses

    Contact a Greater Greenville Rose Society Board Member for additional information.
Please Visit our Contact Page.  

Membership is open to anyone who appreciates the ROSE and would like to learn more.    Dues are  $20 per year per household.

Please contact our membership chairman, l.sperry@yahoo.com